2015-01-08 05.55.47 pm

Returned to the University of Exeter and Exeposé with it, where I used to be Music Editor (the year it was a runner up for Guardian Student Publication of the Year, no less), to fill one of the Deputy Editor positions. Along with my co-editor Vanessa Tracey, our two Editors and the two News Editors, we make up the Senior Team. Basically, we put together the paper every fortnight, and me and Vanessa do the Comment Section. Most of my duties so far have been design (and general InDesign and Photoshop), copy editing and other editorial duties, including social secretary stuff, promotion and generally supporting and organising the rest of the 50-strong team.

We’ve not done too badly so far, three of our cover stories already making Buzzfeed’s top student stories of 2014. Here’s hoping for a good shot at the major awards this year.

Here’s the link to our Issuu page, and our website (runner-up of the Guardian Student Website of the Year).

And here are a couple of my favourite issues of Comment:

The Freshers’ Issue (which included a chance to pose ‘as if I’d caught Chlamydia’, an opportunity not to be missed)
On Animal Testing
A bumper issue on fees and student finance

I also came up with the idea for this cover photo, which turned out rather well.


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