Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cymbalism Podcast 1; Rain Cymbals

The first podcast for my blog, Rain Cymbals. A bricolage-style mix of samples, new and old music with the most superficial of connecting themes, where applicable. By the time of this post clocked 34 listens on Soundcloud and a re-post from one of its featured artists, Nia Keturah. See the full post and tracklisting on […]

Rain Cymbals LAUNCH

Uploaded the first content for my new Tumblr blog at the end of April 2013. Did also feature a Q&A edit of my interview with Peace for XYZ, since removed. Find it here The majority of copy is Facebook-only, with daily new music comment, free downloads, news etc. – find the page here

Drenge interview, XYZ

Another front page interview for XYZ Magazine’s The Great Escape issue, this time with Drenge. Online article not uploaded for some reason, read on issu here Unedited article here: “I’m a bit weirded out that there isn’t a band that does our sort of thing already”, says 21-year-old Eoin Loveless, singer/guitarist and elder brother in […]

Xmedia Music Show sampler

A three minute sampler of The Xmedia Music Show made for awards entries, later for promotional use for next year’s team, who have taken the show forward! May it live long and prosper. Compiled and produced by me. Listen here My entry for the show on this portfolio can be found here A full archive […]