Aug ’12 – present, XYZ Magazine

Since August I have been previewing events in Brighton and reviewing new releases for local listings magazine
XYZ. This has worked around regular print and online briefs, of sometimes up to eleven short pieces per week (as of my last brief!)

(Published 1st Feb) Print Feb ’12: Reviews x 4, Cultural Preview page (6x events in theatre, comedy and dance)
Print Jan ’12: Preview for The Overtones, Review of Sunglasses
Print Nov ’12: Review of Holy Vessels

Online previews x 34 (as of 22/01/13), including the following:
David Rodigan
2 Bears & AlunaGeorge

NB – Many of my previews seem to have disappeared in the jumble of XYZ‘s archive, I have all of them saved separately on demand, without many of bizarre (often explicitly incorrect) edits made to the uploaded versions linked above.


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  1. […] of most of those pieces and a small selection of articles, excluding anything written before June (here, here, here, […]

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